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ABOUT VanTrees Park

VanTrees Park was made possible by a donation from Robert and Marge VanTrees. It was constructed in 1991 as part of Fort Recovery's bicentennial celebration. This entertainment facility is owned by the Fort Recovery Historical Society and has been the site of Sunday evening concerts for 32 years.  These concerts are free events sponsored by the local "Friends of the Arts" group and are held during on Sunday evenings during the summer months, beginning in June.  With a large diverse range of entertainment that includes musical performances that appeal to fans of all ages in a family friendly environment.  With fixed bench seating available, along with areas to bring your own lawn chairs, crowds of 500 or more can easily have a great view of the performances. We are sure you will enjoy it and want to attend often. And again, it is FREE!


Hein Amphitheater is located in Van Trees Park on the corner of State Route 119 and Fort Site Street on the west side of Fort Recovery.  The park is located just south of the museum.


Friends of the Arts Mission Statement

Because the Fort Recovery Friends of the Arts values the impact of the arts on the quality of individual lives, we establish this mission statement:

1.) To harken back to the golden days of concerts on the green and community opera house where entertainment brought families, neighbors and communities together to relax and enjoy an evening of fellowship and music.

2.) To provide a diverse range of musical/artistic events appealing to a wide range of ages, social groups and economic levels.

3.) To keep presentations and facility safe & family friendly where entire families can come and enjoy an evening together.

4.) To allow personal expression by sponsoring events promoting the talents of our area young people, both to participate in and experience.

5.) To stimulate and captivate our audiences, helping them to expand their artistic awareness so they may be lifelong supporters of the arts.

6.) To provide an experience so enjoyable and accessible that participants will want to come back week after week, season after season.

7.) To do all this for FREE!

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